Yomawari Night Alone is a survival horror video game created and developed by Nippon Ichi Software for the PlayStation Vita.

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Yomawari Night Alone
Region: JPN
Product ID: PCSG-00669
Genre: Survival, Horror
Language: ?
Format: VPK
Vitamin: 2.0
Size: 340 MB
Store: PSN
Release Date: October 29, 2015

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A young girl walks her dog at dusk when an accident occurs. After coming home, the girl’s sister runs into the night to find the dog. Neither returns. Now you must help the girl brave the town in the dead of night to find her missing loved ones.

The town has been transformed into a permanent nightmare. Spirits haunt the streets. The girl must explore every inch of her once-familiar town to find her missing sister and dog. Use items and solve puzzles to search further and further out from home. But beware…you never know who might be watching.

Players can use items such as stones, money and a shovel, depending on their needs. Stones can be used as thrown items or landmarks, the shovel to dig up specific spots such as sand and money as currency to be used in certain places, such as peace offerings. The heartbeat system is used to alert players if a monster is nearby, making the girl move slower and force her actions to be limited.

The only way to hide from the monsters is to evade them after observing their patterns or hide in areas like bushes and wait for them to go away with the heartbeat serving as a de facto radar to locate where the monsters are while relying on sounds to make a judgement call to see if its safe to come out of hiding. In case players need to refresh themselves on what happened the previous nights, they can catch up again by reading the girl’s diary.

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