Uta Kumi 575 is an Action game, developed and published by Sega.

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Uta Kumi 575
Region: JPN
Product ID: PCSG-00199
Genre: Action
Language: ?
Format: VPK
Vitamin: 2.0
Size: 1.08 GB
Store: Ebay
Release Date: 23 Jan, 2014

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In Uta Kumi 575, two high school friends have dreams of making it big in the pop scene. You’ll help them do this by tapping the screen and rear touch pad in time with their music. Anime fans may recognize the name for its relation to mini-series Go! Go! 575, but one need not be familiar with the show to have fun with the game.

Azuki and Macha sing and dance, all the while key notes are coming from the left and right sides. Since this is a rhythm game, timely touches and a good musical ear are key. The videos don’t tend to be the hyper-flashy kind with shooting stars, neon swimming pools, and rockets to the moon here. The most pizazz you’ll usually see is a sweeping colorful backgrounds, which is just fine; these are just two regular school girls with big dreams. The choreography during each song is well done, albeit simple. It’s mostly the two of them doing their fairly basic dances — the kind you’d actually expect to see at a high school talent show (by people with talent). It has a certain special charm about it — a strength rather than a weakness. The girls are just putting up their own video camera and recording themselves reaching for their dreams, kind of like we all used to do before reality crushed us, right?

Play through songs, rack up points, and unlock more songs and story scenes, plus new content such as — of course — new outfits for your on-screen leading ladies. What I like is that even though these girls are cute as heck, they’re not oversexualized with skimpy costumes or suggestive dances.

The story is humorous and cute, with Macha and Azuki expressing themselves through song and dance and clinging to the old Japanese haiku format, meaning their songs rely heavily on lines of five, then seven, then five syllables, hence the 5-7-5 in the title.

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Uta Kumi 575 PS Vita Download

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1. Unrar the Compressed file
2. Install VPK using VitaShell
3. Done! Play! Enjoy!

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