Tales of Innocence R is an action role-playing video game, developed and released for the Nintendo DS and PlayStation Vita.

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Tales of Innocence R
Region: JPN
Product ID: PCSG-00009
Genre: RPG
Language: ?
Format: VPK
Vitamin: 2.0
Size: 1.28 GB
Store: PSN
Release Date: January 26, 2012

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Many games in the Tales series have been localized, but not all of them. A few main-series titles never made it out of Japan, including Tales of Innocence R. Tales of Innocence was initially released for the DS. It tells the story of a merchant’s son who rescues a fugitive and learns he has special powers from his past life.

Like Tales of Hearts, another DS game, it was remade for the PS Vita. However, while Tales of Hearts R was localized, neither Innocence nor Innocence R ever was. Today, Mission Atelier is hosting a localization campaign for Tales of Innocence R. If you’re interested in playing this game in the West, today’s the day to tell Bandai Namco!

Innocence is the ninth main installment in the Tales series, developed by Alfa System and published by Bandai Namco Games. It was released in December 2007. A remake for the Vita developed by 7th Chord, Tales of Innocence R (テイルズオブイノセンス アール Teiruzu Obu Inosensu Āru?), was released in January 2012. Multiple elements are carried over from previous entries in the series, including the action-based Linear Motion Battle System. Innocence R includes both an updated battle system and additional story content. Both versions remain exclusive to Japan.

Both Innocence and Innocence R focus on Luca, a merchant’s son who encounters a fugitive named Illia. In rescuing her, he discovers he has inherited supernatural powers from his past life. He teams up with Illia and multiple others who have gained similar powers from past lives. The group become involved in the wars consuming the world, along with events pertaining to their past lives and the future of their world.

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