Hatsune Mik Project DIVA F is a 2012 rhythm game created by SEGA and Crypton Future Media for the PlayStation Vita.
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Hatsune Mik Project DIVA F
Region: USA
Product ID: PCSE-00326
Genre: Music, Rhythm
Language: English
Format: VPK
Vitamin: 2.0
Size: 2.17 GB
Store: Play Asia
Release Date: March 4, 2014

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Join Hatsune Miku in an all-new rhythm video game featuring selections from her popular songs.
Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F features 38 unique songs including popular tracks like ‘Tell Your World’ and ‘Black ★ Rock Shooter’.

The game retains the same basic gameplay mechanics from the series albeit with several new changes, most notably the addition of the “Star” symbol to the game’s existing symbols of cross, circle, square, triangle and arrows. The “Star” symbol represents the “Scratch” move where instead of pressing the face buttons as usual, players rub the screen or flick the analogue stick, depending on which system is being used.

The game also features graphical improvements over its predecessors in light of the PlayStation Vita’s higher processing power compared to the PlayStation Portable. The models in the game are also based on the PlayStation Portable predecessors rather than the Dreamy Theater models, which have a slightly different art style. There are also improvements in the animations of the characters, such as smoother movements for Miku’s hair and Rin’s ribbons; the game also features improved facial expressions and lighting with real-time lighting computation being added into the game.

Players can create and share their own Miku videos in “Edit Mode” and can customize the popular diva with over 90 costumes and 100 accessories.

Game Features

– Includes 38 popular Hatsune Miku songs
– 4 unique difficulties for every song, to challenge players new and old
– Over 90 costumes and 100 accessories
– Create your own Miku videos in “Edit Mode” and share them online
– Add Miku into your own photos in “Studio Mode”
– Spend time with your favorite characters in the “Miku Room”

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Hatsune Mik Project DIVA F PS Vita Screens

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