Gundam Breaker is the first build & destruction co-op Gundam game that uses Gundam models.

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Gundam Breaker
Region: JPN
Product ID: PCSA-00126
Genre: Action
Language: ?
Format: VPK
Vitamin: 1.0
Size: 2.91 GB
Store: PSN
Release Date: 31, November 2013

game description
Gundam Breaker lets players customize their own Gundam models and then pilot them in battles against other models of all different sizes in real world locations. The title could easily be described as a Dynasty Warriors-style hack and slash with tons of customizable options. As you battle other models, you can gain their parts and become stronger yourself – which means you can fight your favorite enemies from the Gundam anime and take their power!Since both PS3 and Vita use the same online world you can have the same game experience on the platform of your choice.

“Gundam Breaker” (PS Vita version) contains the contents of “Gundam Breaker” for PS3™ released in June 2013 as well as 30 new missions. In addition, 7 new Gundam models are available, taking the total no. of customization combinations to over 100 million. The cross save feature allows gamers who have played the PS3™ version to carry their save data forward to PS Vita version, so you can take your own Gundam on-the-go and take part in missions with friends.

The general gameplay is styled after traditional hack n’ slash games. Movement is done with the left analog stick while holding X while moving in any direction initiates the unit’s boost. Holding the R1 button while not moving causes the unit to guard if it has a shield. Pressing or holding X while not moving will have the machine jump or ascend and dodging is performed by holding R1 and pressing X while moving in any direction. Square and Triangle buttons utilize close range moves.

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Free Download Gundam Breaker PS Vita

how to install
1. Unrar the Compressed file
2. Install VPK using VitaShell
3. Done! Play! Enjoy!

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