Ys VIII Lacrimosa of Dana is a Japanese action role-playing game developed and published by the Nihon Falcom Corporation.
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Ys VIII Lacrimosa of Dana
Region: JPN
Product ID: PCSH-00297
Genre: Action, RPG
Language: English
Format: VPK
Vitamin: 1.0
Size: 3.32 GB
Store: Play Asia
Release Date: July 21, 2016

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The story takes place on the Siren Island—a forever cursed island located at the Goethe Sea. A new adventure for Adol—an adventurer—at a land buried in the folklore waves forgotten by history is about to get revealed. This is the newest title for the Ys series! It will be a high speed ARPG with two protagonists consisted of party battles enhanced with free dash and jumping functions! So prepare to search in large fields and feel the presence from full 3D maps and the free camera feature! Be prepared to build a “Drifting Village” to gather castaways for expanding and developing your base! Last but not least, stabilize your defense for the “Intercept War” to guard the base from enemy attacks with the help from drifters!

Relive the most amazing moments from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, including the famed Battle of New York between the Avengers and Super Villain Loki as seen in Marvel’s The Avengers, experience the epic action from Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron with The Avengers, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Vision and Ultron, journey through familiar Marvel cinematic locations and more, all with a splash of classic LEGO humor!

Enjoy a unique take on open world gameplay while exploring the expansive streets of LEGO Marvel Manhattan, or discover up to seven other supporting HUB environments from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, including Asgard, Sokovia, South Africa, Barton Farm, Malibu, Washington D.C. and the S.H.I.E.L.D. Base Exterior. Encounter numerous quests, races, puzzles and even random crimes, as well as a myriad of characters and vehicles to choose from to explore on land or in the air.

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Free Download Ys VIII Lacrimosa of Dana PS Vita Game

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1. Unrar the Compressed file
2. Install VPK using VitaShell
3. Done! Play! Enjoy!

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