Oddworld Munchs Oddysee is the third game made by Oddworld Inhabitants. It is the second chapter of the Oddworld Quintology.
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Oddworld Munchs Oddysee
Region: EUR
Product ID: PCSB-00275
Genre: Action
Language: English
Format: VPK
Vitamin: 1.0
Size: 1.02 GB
Store: PSN
Release Date: Dec 16, 2014

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Munch, the Gabbit with odditude and his sidekick Abe lead an off-beat revolution to save the world. With their sacred land in jeopardy of being destroyed by the greedy Glukkons, Munch and Abe team up to teach those rascals a lesson by using their chanting prowess to control the enemy, arming themselves with wacky weapons, and acquiring power-ups for extra boosts. You can switch between Munch and Abe at anytime to utilize each character’s unique abilities and access certain areas.

Taking place after the events of Abe’s Exoddus, the story begins with a froglike Gabbit named Munch, whose species has been commercially fished to near-extinction by Oddworld’s industrious species; their eggs harvested for a delicacy known as “Gabbiar” and their lungs used as replacements for those of the chain-smoking Glukkons. While calling for fellow Gabbits in song, Munch is allured into captivity by an animal trap when it mimics an answering call. Munch is then taken to his captors’ hovering fortress, Vykkers Labs, where the chief operator implants an electronic device in Munch’s head. Using the device’s electrical properties, Munch breaks free and escapes the Labs with the help of the small, ferocious ‘Fuzzles’, on whom the Vykkers customarily perform experiments.

The Mudokon hero Abe is apprized by an oracular ‘Almighty Raisin’ of Munch’s plight, who commands him to rescue the Gabbit. The two find each other when Munch falls from the Labs, and the Raisin informs them that the last can of Gabbiar will soon be auctioned at Vykkers Labs, and that large stockpiles of Mudokon eggs are also stored there. To obtain both, Abe and Munch must help a Glukkon named Lulu by forcing various wealthy Glukkons to donate their fortunes to a front organization titled “Lulu’s Fund”, in the hope of buying the Gabbiar with the money thus obtained. Lulu, under their control, becomes a multi-millionaire; and when he travels to Vykkers Labs to join the auction, Abe and Munch infiltrate the fortress to rescue the Mudokon eggs. What happens next depends on the actions of the player throughout the game.

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