DJMax Technika Tune is a music game for the PlayStation Vita published and developed by Pentavision Studio.
game information
DJMax Technika Tune
Region: USA
Product ID: PCSE-00208
Genre: Music
Language: English
Format: VPK
Size: 2.99 GB
Store: PSN
Release Date: August 12, 2014

game description

DJMAX TECHNIKA TUNE is a one of a kind music gaming experience built from the ground up for the Sony PlayStation®Vita. Based of the hit arcade experience, players use the PS Vita touch screen to interact with a wide variety of songs from all genres. Players are rewarded for continuous play with loads of hidden content including videos, OST tracks, new songs to play, and even a gallery full of images which give insight on into the creation of the game. Players can link their PSN account to join online ranking, customize gameplay, and make use of special in-game bonuses. Exclusive to TECHNIKA TUNE are two new types of notes, created to make use of PS Vita’s rear touch panel and add a new level of depth to gameplay. With the largest soundtrack found in the series to date and a vault full of unlockable content, DJMAX TECHNIKA TUNE is sure to deliver the same addictive experience that has invaded arcades nationwide!

DJMAX TECHNIKA™ has made a huge splash in the arcade scene, and now players can experience it anywhere! Thanks to the PS Vita’s touchscreen technology, the gameplay that has made the arcade title such a hit can make the transition to the home market as well! Exclusively for the PlayStation®Vita system, DJMAX TECHNIKA TUNE™ has been built from the ground up to take advantage of everything the system has to offer.

Featuring in-game trophies, unlockable galleries, real time online rankings and more, the replay value is endless! DJMAX TECHNIKA TUNE™ features the best tracks from all 3 iterations of the DJMAX TECHNIKA™ arcade game along with new songs, and classic DJMAX Online tracks with updated background movies and new charts. All of this content is all wrapped up in a bundle set to deliver one of the most well rounded, genre encompassing music games of all time!

Songlist spanning the entire DJMAX franchise as well as new tracks
Internet Ranking system tied to PlayStation Network
4 gameplay modes designed for all players from beginner to expert
Beautiful high-resolution background videos for each song in the game
Image, audio, and movie galleries with new content unlocked through gameplay

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