Sometime in the not-too-distant future, a deadly virus is once again sweeping the globe, infecting everyone in its path and killing off almost all the human race.

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Dead Nation Apocalypse Edition
Region: EUR
Product ID: PCSF-00427
Genre: Action
Language: English
Format: VPK
Vitamin: 1.0
Size: 441 MB
Store: PSN
Release Date: April 15, 2014

game description
Dead Nation on Vita is pretty much identical to the Dead Nation that came to PlayStation 3 back in 2010 (in fact, if you own it on PS3, it’s yours for free on PS Vita). It’s the same addictive, difficult twin-stick shooter, though it lacks the built-in DLC that came with PlayStation 4’s iteration of Dead Nation, which is disappointing. Vita’s smaller analog sticks means controls aren’t quite as tight as they are on PS3 and PS4, as well.

Thrust into a zombie-filled post-apocalyptic world, your task in Dead Nation is simple: survive another day. Survival requires you to work your way through an urban sprawl littered with the undead. With powerful weapons at your disposal — think assault rifles, flamethrowers, and grenades — you can get creative with how you kill your foes. Shoot them in the head with a powered-up rifle shot. Blast a nearby car to make its alarm go off, drawing their attention, allowing you to pick them off unawares. Throw a flare and watch them gather around it, then unleash a shot from your blade cannon, slicing them all in half. The possibilities are many.

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Free Download Dead Nation Apocalypse Edition PS Vita

how to install
1. Unrar the Compressed file
2. Install VPK using VitaShell
3. Done! Play! Enjoy!

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