Army Corps of Hell is an action-strategy video game developed by Entersphere and released by Square Enix for the PlayStation Vita.
game information
Army Corps of Hell
Region: USA
Product ID: PCSE-00006
Genre: Action, Strategy
Language: English
Format: VPK
Vitamin: 2.0
Size: 666 MB
Store: PSN
Release Date: February 22, 2012

game description
A bloodmoon shall rise over battlefields of endless warfare and ritualistic sacrifice when this hellish action game of regimented slaughter invades the PS Vita! Lead the King of Hell’s army against all comers as you help him reclaim his place as the ruler of the underworld. What do you think happens when the King of Hell – never the most forgiving of rulers – is cast out of his kingdom by a horde of weird, wild and bloodthirsty demons? He comes back, that’s what – and he’s nastier than ever.

In Army Corps of Hell, you take control of the deposed ruler of the netherworld as he bids to retake his dark throne. Driven by an all-consuming hatred for the monsters that dare to rule in his place, he screams through the sky like a comet and comes to an explosive halt right in the middle of a swarm of ugly little goblins.

In their own barbaric way, they’re impressed – which is fortunate, because the King of Hell is sorely in need of an army if he’s to defeat the creatures of darkness that stand between him and ultimate power. The flesh-eating goblins waste no time in flocking to the horned king’s ragged banner, and the battle for the underworld begins…

Game Features

– Annihilate your enemies by controlling an army of 100 goblin soldiers with assorted classes and abilities.
– Use the rear touch pad to command your goblins to play instruments, each activating special properties.
– Combine materials dropped by fallen foes to create new equipment for your troops.
– Play with up to three friends via local Ad Hoc Mode multiplayer and face tougher bosses to acquire rare items.

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